My Sporting Life: Club Edition

When I first graduated from university, talkSPORT gave me the opportunity to research and explore the history of my club. Liverpool F.C. was something I had loved all my life, but now I had the chance to know it, so much better…


Liverpool F.C.

Liverpool F.C. was starting in 1892…little did everyone involved know what the club would go on to represent and achieve. They enjoyed a rather exciting start to life in football, after “Everton” went across Stanley Park and set up their own thing. But let the documentary tell you more…

Episode 2



The whole series was eight episodes long but I most enjoyed making and researching the early episodes because it gave me a real picture of how the club was built.

Duration: 12 min

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Laurence Mckenna

Laurence Mckenna


When I first graduated from university, I was eager to get into the football world and so this was an ideal opportunity to get involved. I met Jason McAteer in Liverpool one day and he invited me down to Anfield the next day. When I arrived at the Players Entrance the lady greeted me: “You must be Jason’s friend…” Walking into the home dressing-room at Anfield, I realised that my documentary was complete, as a whole team of Liverpool legends stood, waiting to be interviewed…

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